Marie Wernham

Marie Wernham

Consultant of the UNICEF Private Fundraising and Partnerships Division, Geneva: Support for UNICEF National Committees regarding CRE. Development of the UNICEF CRE Toolkit to anchor child rights in early childhood education, primary and secondary schools. Design and facilitation of related annual capacity building workshops. Development of related policy and capacity building materials including UNICEF global online training “Child Rights And Why They Matter”. Child participation project to design visual icons for the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Video animation for children aged 3-6 years: “We All Have Rights”.


Child rights education

Ville de Genève (Geneva municipality) in association with the Institut international des droits de l’enfant (IDE) and the Centre Interfacultaire en droits de l’enfant (CIDE) of the University of Geneva: Project management and training for a series of training sessions on child rights for municipal staff.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, UK: Participation in Equity Project meeting and presentation on ‘de-mystifying a child rights-based approach’.

International Childcare Trust, UK: Training on child rights-based approaches.

World Vision UK and Save the Children Brussels: Writing a draft policy paper ‘De-Mystifying the Child Rights-Based Approach to Development.’


Child participation

Act2gether: Child rights advice and support for the movement to promote inter-generational collaboration/child participation. Core Team member for TogetherLand virtual global event in July 2020. Co-author of forthcoming academic article on child participation.

UNICEF International Council Youth Forum: Facilitator for children and young people’s workshops.

CATS: Children as Actors for Transforming Society – Support for the annual international child participation conference/initiative (training and mentoring of children and young people in relation to facilitation skills, group co-facilitation with a young person, presentations, evaluation). Member of the organising team 2016-2018.

Inter-American Children’s Institute (IIN) (OAS): Input into online training course and facilitating face-to-face TOT with professionals in Jamaica in relation to child participation.


Miscellaneous child rights

Consortium for Street Children: Assisting the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to write General Comment No. 21 on Children in Street Situations (Writer).

UNICEF Geneva: Co-author of UNICEF Child Friendly Cities Initiatives Toolkit for National Committees.

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child: Helped to facilitate the Committee’s Accountability Consultation and Capacity Building Day in Annecy, France.

Save the Children MENA: Input into consultation workshop to develop methodology for participatory child research and advocacy project in MENA region.

Child Helpline International: Development and delivery of TOT materials on accessing marginalized children through helplines.

Save the Children Sweden, Poland: Session on images of children in migration for conference ‘Focus on Child in Migration – From a European Research and Method Perspective’.

Ghent University, Belgium: Conference rapporteur and report-writer for International Interdisciplinary Course on Children’s Rights; session on de-mystifying child rights-based approaches.

Tearfund, UK: Training on child-sensitive community development, including rights-based and child rights-based approaches to development; participants from 6 regions.

Street Child Africa, UK: Writing a policy paper for submission to the UK government as part of DFID’s public consultation on the 2006 White Paper for International Development.


Child safeguarding

UNICEF Lebanon: Capacity building programme for implementing partners - training, materials, coaching webinars; liaison with UNICEF’s Child Safeguarding Unit in NY.

UNICEF Private Fundraising and Partnerships Division, Geneva: Support to PFP and National Committees to strengthen child safeguarding policies and procedures, including supervising PFP Child Safeguarding Consultants, inputting into UNICEF global child safeguarding documents, co-writing the draft National Committee Child Safeguarding Toolkit, and conducting training for PFP and National Committees.

Plan International: 3 x regional training / TOT / child safeguarding strategy workshops for staff in Latin America, Asia and East & Southern Africa; development of training / TOT manual for staff globally.

Compassion International: 2-day child safeguarding strategy workshop for Global Advocacy Team.

ChildHope, UK: 3x1-day workshops and 1x3-day TOT on organizational child safeguarding for range of UK-based NGOs.

Tearfund, UK: Workshop on organizational child safeguarding for international HR managers.

Plan Togo: 2 weeks training on organizational child safeguarding for staff and partners; 1 week advising on organizational child protection policy and procedures (in French).

Child-to-Child Trust, UK: Training on implementation for international partners.

Plan International, UK: Workshop with participants from 8 countries to develop a child safeguarding strategy.

Arab Resource Collective, Lebanon: Training and technical advice; partners from 5 countries.

ChildHope / Help a Needy Child (HANCI), Sierra Leone: Training and technical advice.

ChildHope / Children in Need Institute (CINI Asha), India: Training and technical advice.

ChildHope, UK: Co-development / co-writing of a manual on developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating child protection policies and procedures for overseas NGOs.


Child protection

Child psychological maltreatment – online training of trainers: Facilitator for 2-day TOT for Indianapolis USA professionals.

Child Psychological Maltreatment Summit: Facilitator and rapporteur for international summit held in Indianapolis, USA, October 2019.

Plan UK: Qualitative, participatory research on discriminatory social norms as they impact on violence against girls and women in Bangladesh.

UNICEF Ghana: Design of quantitative research tools for national child protection research (household surveys for adults and children) and analysis of resulting data. Advice and support to national research team. Co-writing and editing of final report integrating quantitative and qualitative findings.

UNICEF Nepal: Lead Researcher for nationwide baseline research for the ‘Paralegal Committee’ programme on child protection and gender-based violence.

UNICEF Pacific: Researcher and report writer for child protection research in Samoa.

IICRD / ISPCAN: Assisting the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to write General Comment No 13 on Article 19 of the CRC (Writer) and assisting with related regional consultations.

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF): Co-authoring a concept paper for IPPF on ‘Are protection and autonomy opposing concepts?’ in relation to sexual and reproductive health and rights and participating in a related expert meeting.

UNICEF Pacific: Lead Researcher for child protection baseline research in 4 countries (Fiji, Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu); designing participatory research methodology and managing teams to conduct desk review and primary data collection, including through electronic data capture, in 20 – 35 locations per country.

Terre des hommes, Jordan: Research and preparation of materials to support legislative and policy reform, communication and advocacy regarding child protection in relation to information and communication technologies.


Justice for children

International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law, Malta: Participation in Expert Workshop on Juvenile Justice in a Counterterrorism Context (presentation, panel facilitation and input into resulting Good Practice Memo).

Terre des hommes, Switzerland: Assistance in preparing for the January 2015 World Congress on Juvenile Justice. Facilitation of expert round table on applying international norms in diverse legal and judicial contexts and moderation of workshops on juvenile justice system reform and conditions in detention. Presentation on ‘case management’ and preparation and delivery, on behalf of the ‘Synthesis Committee’, of the synthesis of all the Congress workshop findings.

Terre des hommes, Kosovo: 2 x 3-day training sessions for probation officers on techniques for working with children in conflict with the law.

Terre des hommes, Kosovo: 5-day training for police, probation officers and social workers on techniques for interviewing children in conflict with the law.

UNICEF HQ, New York: Development and writing of the UNICEF Toolkit on Diversion and Alternatives to Detention (online global resource), available to view:

First World Congress on Restorative Juvenile Justice, Lima, Peru: Presentation on the need for quality research, documentation and statistics as evidence for advocacy and programming.

Terre des hommes, Mauritania: 5-day training of social workers on listening to children, basic child development and child psychology, collaboration with the police and the role of the social worker at every stage of the juvenile justice system (in French).

Terre des hommes, Switzerland: Design and content of the original UN/INGO Interagency Juvenile Justice Panel website, sponsored by Terre des hommes.

Terre des hommes, Senegal: 10 days input into ‘capitalisation workshop’ on juvenile justice for Terre des hommes international associates (in French).


Monitoring and evaluation

IICRD / HELP (Human Early Learning Partnership): Development of questions to assist governments to measure progress in implementing General Comment No. 13 of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (on CRC Article 19).

Terre des hommes, Afghanistan: Mid-term review of the ‘Child Rights Consortium III’ project.

CRED-PRO: Development of a training manual module for professionals in Tanzania on monitoring and evaluating early childhood rights indicators.

Oak Foundation / Groupe Développement / Sanjog, India & Bangladesh: 10-day participatory evaluation of cross-border anti-child-trafficking project; 2-day training, and development of training toolkit, on child participation.

Oak Foundation: External review of 2 project proposals.

EveryChild, Kyrgyzstan: 12 weeks total - project monitoring, technical advice and training / TOT of project staff, social workers, police and government officials on issues relating to children in street situations; policy input for government-level reform of child protection mechanisms. Development of 3 related training manuals.

Mencap, UK: Participatory evaluation of a project to promote inclusive play, leisure and childcare facilities, working through a panel of mixed disabled and non-disabled young people.

World Vision UK / World Vision Tanzania: Evaluation Team Leader, 3-week on-site participatory evaluation of an anti-FGM project, multiple locations, rural Tanzania.

World Vision UK / World Vision Myanmar: Evaluation Team Leader, 2-week on-site participatory evaluation of Street and Working Children Programme, Yangon and Mandalay, Myanmar.


Advocacy training & strategy development

Danish Family Planning Association (DFPA) / Family Planning Association of Uganda (FPAU), Uganda: 7 days training on advocacy and developing an advocacy strategy.

Street Child Africa, UK: Training on advocacy and developing an advocacy strategy.

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), UK: Training and material writing on topic of youth advocacy in relation to sexual and reproductive health and rights.