Nigina Sodikova

Nigina Sodikova

Member of the UN Youth Advisory Board in Uzbekistan

Nigina Sodikova, level 6 student of Economics with Finance direction at Westminster International University.

Her experience in youth organizations started with participating in young people-oriented conferences and meetings. With big interest to the role of young people in Uzbekistan, she has initiated and coordinated many projects with different sphere of contribution. For example, spreading the volunteering in her community, she first presented the School of Volunteers at university she study as a Leader, soon gathering volunteers and volunteering communities in the country as the Project Coordinator of Republic School of Volunteers in Uzbekistan.

Promoting the SDGs spirit, she has participated in a number or events directed to generate SDGs awareness among young people. As the Global Action Ambassador, the winner of the Best SDG concept, she started organizing lectures, seminars and activities to share the concept of SDGs among youth. With a big part on the part of young people, she founded “Youth for SDGs” Project to create a platform to work with real contributions and actions to give a social impact. To present, she has organized 4 sessions for more than 100 students of different gender, age and background. The candidate has 4-year experience as the participant and speaker of local and international conferences. Moreover, as the founder of SDG Club she organizes sessions for a big audience that could be a good example on her public speaking. 

One of the main goals of the work she is doing is not being the role model for young people, but trying to make them become the model with leadership competence for others to expand potential young people network. Her goal is not making the youth be the best, but trying to motivate them to become the best version of themselves. She is always motivating them to generate their own ideas, not to disregard the challenges the world is facing now. She is highlighting the role of each young person in her community and the country. That makes her unique.